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My Videoblog promo video

My Videoblog promo video, taken today during my ride to work.

This ‘promotion video’ is made with my T-Mobile MDA Compact (Qtec S100) just by hitting the record button, so it’s raw and unedited, just like a (video) podcast should be…

I’m not waiting any longer for Google Video to put my video online. I’m going to put my first ‘video podcast’ on my server this weekend. I will do this untill Google Video goes online or untill I find a better alternatieve, for example like this..


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Koninginnedag 30th April 2005 Amsterdam – Video Impressions!

I made some video’s today at koniginnedag (Queensday) in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
One big party, 400.000 people having good fun!

This one is funny.
Imagine. You are a tourist and staying at a Hotel in center of Amsterdam today.
The problem?  You didn’t know there was a big event called ‘queensday’ in Amsterdam.
Because no cars are allowed in the city during this event, you have to walk to your Hotel!

More short ‘moments of Queensday in Amsterdam’

Quick impression

Party on the water

Pay to watch tits

Hari Krisma!

Techno on Rembrantsplein

Walking the city
The Band KANE playing on the Museumplein

Jump Around!

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Koninginnenach 29th April 2005 – Video Impressions

Recovering from what we call ‘QueensNight’ (The night before Queensday).

This is every year in The Hague (The Netherlands)
It’s on April the 29th.

It was an energetic night.
Get some idea by this Video Impressions..

Recording from Queensnight 2005 – The Hague – Holland
The white building is the City Hall
The Band that’s playing is Di-rect

Short impression of the atmosphere
Just a 180 somewhere in the midde of the city

Walking the crowed
(dont get air sick from me filming:)

Do you read dutch or do wanne know what Queensnight is like?

Here do yo get some Photo’s from past..

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Waiting for Google Video

I don’t know why my video isn’t approved by Google,

I added two video’s I recorded on 7 days ago, but nothing happened ever since..

If found this post from Larry D Larsen. He got the same ideas i had, and also thought about about the things that Google Video will make possible.
It would be great to capture a video of an event on your Pocket PC, Video camera or phone and directly upload it to Google video and make it available on your blog/podcast/vlog at the same time. This way, event over the world will be available true video without a propaganda layer added by current media..

I’ve done this test here before with posting video. I recorded a video and uploaded it to my server from my PDA. Then I send an e-mail to this space, that had a link to the video file.By using the Feedburner SmartCast™ Feed, it can be downloaded automatically for podcasting / vlogging / video casting.. This worked great.

When google will realise a way that I can simply upload a video to my blog, they will have a great service! I’m curious what’s there next step will be and what the plans are for an open Video upload  API.  Because when they do this, you can subscribe to your favourite video posters, and relax behind you TV or PC and see only the uncutted reality of the world….… J

But first the Google guys have to approve my video’s..
I wanne see this in action..

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When will my videos be on Google Video?

The publication of my video takes longer that expected..

In the FAQ of Google Video they write:

When will my videos be on Google Video?

We’re still in the first phase of the upload program. Once we approve your video submission and enter the next phase, we’ll send you an email (to the email address you provide) to let you know that we’re ready to add your content to Google Video. Users will then be able to search, preview, purchase, and play your video.

At any time after you upload your video to Google, you’ll have the opportunity to add more videos, update the information about each video, or remove your video from the program. The content may be reviewed by Google prior to being made available online. You can rest assured, however, that we’ll notify you if we cannot use the content you submit

Since only today Google posted the news on her internal blog that i found, maybe they haven’t really started up yet…

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Google Video Upload!

I thought of doing videoblogs (vlogging) for the first time around 9 months ago, when i started to listen to podcasts somewhere in september 2004. But i never found a good way of publishing video files. I done some experiments (like on this blog). But i had problems with size and traffic. Because if it would become popular, it will cost me a lot of bandwidth and Gigabytes of traffic.. Untill now!

In January Google announced Google Video for seaching video clips. At the moment this look nice, but was pretty useless. But now Google has released a new service to upload you’re own video’s. You can read a good article about this on Beta News.

The plan is that everybody in the world can upload video files of any size! And if you wish you can ask money for letting people download you video clips. THis brings a real cool new market space!

I today started uploading movies that i made with my mobile phone (the MDA Compact). At the moment Google is ‘verifying the content’  (porn and copyrighted material are forbidden). I will do another post as soon as they are online!

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Fist Mobile Video Upload

My first mobile posted vision off the world.

Start this movie by moving your mouse over the black box…

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