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The Future of Mobile Media

A short movie on the Future of Mobile Media and Communication.

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The ‘fast’ SD Card didn’t solve the movie recording problem.

The 86 Euros i spend yesterday on the ‘fast’ SD Flash card, didn’t solve my problem with making movies on my MDA Compact. When i record a movie on my MDA (240×320 Motion-JPEG AVI) directly to the SD Card, i get the a strange difference in timing between the left and right side of the screen.

Because i wanted to know how this could happen i done some tests..
I found out that when you do a recording to the Main memory of the MDA Compact, there is no problem!  But this sucks, because the internal memory is only 64MB (i got 14 MB free after installing WIndows Mobile and basis apps that can’t be installed on the SD Card).

Last night i recorded 2 short movies… See the difference..

Recorded on Main Memory
Recorded on SD Card

How can 6MB per second not be enought for writing a 140×310 video?
Is the manufacturer of the SD card lying or am i missing something else?

Suggestions appriciated!

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New T-Mobile MDA Compact and faster SD Flash Memory

I bought my T-Mobile MDA Compact (I-mate Jam/Qtex S100) in November 2004.

3 weeks ago when I was making some photo’s in a museum, my screen suddenly totally frooze, nothing worked anymore. (For the nerds: It looked like the way your Commodore 64 screen would ‘crash’ when you hit the freeze button of your ).

Well, when this happened, i took out the battery pack and put it back (this is done by gently opening and closing the back cover of the device, which takes 2 seconds). Normally this action would result in a soft rest, but this time it resulted in a hard reset.
Hmm, no good, i had a fresh Operating System and a all my ‘local disk" data was gone…

Happely the device holds a 512MB SD Card, where i store all my documents, photo’s and other data. And also a backup of my ‘local disk’ (I do this kind of backup once a month).

Within minutes I restored a backup from my Flash card. This works pretty good using the backup program called “Xbackup” that is provided standard with this device. Doing a restore is pressing 2 buttons and waiting around 10 minutes.. Since I use Active sync over GPRS together with my Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, I just pressed the Sync button and al updates (mail, contacts, agenda items) since last backup where synchronised over the air. (I did all this restore while I was visiting the Esher museum in The Hague). Great…

But then exactly a week later this happened again! Only this time doing a hard reset or opening the battary pack didn’t bring a solution. The MDA Compact would only display the standard T-Mobile boot image! I tried a lot of things, like removing the battery, removing the SIM, recharging the battery, but nothing happened. So I called T-mobile and to my surprise they told me they would pick it up next day, and that I would probably get a new one…  Wow! Ok..Nice!

And yes, yesterday (2 weeks later)  a package was brought. The repair form said:  ‘motherboard changed or new device’.  I checked, and …i got a brand new device!

Well that’s service! Thanks guys!

Today I was installing my new machine. Instead of restoring a backup to the new device, i did a fresh install.  So I installed the Pocket PC apps I got and thing like the Bluetooth internet connection and other bluetooth connections. The reason i did this was because I bought myself a new 1GB High speed SD memory card.
The SD card I used before was ‘only’ 512MB and sometime I got weird effects when I recorded video’s. Sometimes when i recorded a movie the left part of the screen showed  before the right part of the screen,  so left and right frames where out of sync. I thing this has to do with the speed of writing the data to disk.

This new SD card should do 6MB/sec writing and 9MB/sec reading, this should be more then enough i guess.  

I will post updates when i heve new results with this new memory… 

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