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Office Communicator 2005 on Microsoft CEO Summit

I recorded a part off the Microsoft CEO Summit about Office Communicator 2005 with my mobile phone/pda, the HTC Magician (or Qtek s100, I-mate JAM, MDA Compact, Dopod 818, mini-XDA)…

Because of thss i warn you for the screen quality..
To bad this is the only way i could think of since the only ASF Recorder wouldn’t work..
Does anybody know why, or know a good alternative?

Here you can see the video


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The future of IM and Presence according to Bill Gates

So much interesting has happen last week, but so little time to read about it or blogging about it! I try to post the most interesting this that happend this week the topic of messaging and Presence..

This week there was teh CEO summit at the Microsoft headquarters..

The future drawn yesterday by Bill Gates looks interesting…..

This is what he says about Integrated Communication
"Unified communication: Integrated communication will provide a single "point of entry" to the networked world that is consistent across applications and devices. People should have a unified, complete view of their communication options, whether by voice or text, real-time or offline, with ready access to tools like speech-to-text and machine translation. You should be able to listen to your email, or read your voicemail. Project notifications, meetings, business applications, contacts and schedules should be accessible within a single consistent view, whether you’re at your desk, down the hall, on the road or working at home."

And then.. Presence..
"Presence: We’re just beginning to tap the potential of presence information to help information and notifications flow where they’re needed and better enable ad-hoc collaboration to solve problems and get things done. Presence information connects people and their schedules to documents and workflow, keeping you close to the changing data and expert insight that is relevant to what you’re doing."

That alls sounds pretty obvious to me.
Can’t wait for it to become reality!

You can see the video of this presentation here.

100 Kbps  |  300 Kbps

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Office Communicator 2005 Trail is out!

A trail Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 is out! Get it here!

This is Microsoft’s new "integrated communications client", that will change the lives of many information workers around the world for the next years.
With this the can communicate in real time around using Corporate Instant Messeging (With Live communication Server 2005), communicate with users on all big Instant messeging networks (AOL, Yahoo!, ..) and connect to standard phonelines, Mobile phones and VOIP.. All from one client!

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How to get an original MSN WeeMee?

A lot of people find by Blog based on a Google search for "MSN and WeeMee" (i only wrote one post on this subject and i’m on the second page). For this reason I thought put something up here on that subject.

Most of you know that you can buy these funny looking (animated) pictures from Blue Mountain. But why pay money if you can be creative and make them yourself?

Tricks to get a original WeeMee to show off to your frends?

1. Use a basic picture like this and use a Drawingtool (like PSP, or Photoshop) to create your own WeeMee.

2. Or, Use the basic shape and add nice pictures that you can find with Google

3. Or, Steal a basic WeeMee (by Screenshotting) from the Microsoft site and edit the screencapture (change colors and mix it with your own images like this)

4. And you can always go to one of the thousand site that host image, like animals, various, Icons, more, microsoft clipart or funny stuff. And this one is nice for the girls..

5. And finally, if you don’t have time for all this, you van always download the ‘CustomMee’tool at

Have Fun!
Be Creative!


Live Communication Server Resources

I get much traffic from Google based on searches for information on Live Communication Server 2005. For this reason I will start with a resource overview on Live Communication Server 2005 (Blogs).

Microsoft Live Communication Server Blogs
Alle new posts
Eileen Brown’s WebLog
Enterprise Engineering Center WebLog

Non Microsoft Blogs
Mart Muller’s Sharepoint Weblog – Live Communication Server

More to follow…

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Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 has been released!!

Live Communication Server SP11 is out….

I got it installed on my server now and i’m doing the first tests .
The new cool things?

  • Public IM Connectivity
    Tools to enable Public IM Connectivity; the ability to add contacts, send instant messages, and share presence information with users of the three main public IM service providers MSN, AOL and Yahoo!.
  • Enhanced federation
    which uses DNS-SRV resolution to simplify connecting to federation partners.
  • New optional spim filters
    Better control of unsolicited instant messages. Two new filters to help protect your organization, and each enterprise-to-enterprise federated connection, from malicious attack or better control of unsolicited instant messages.
  • Support for multiple tree Active Directory forests.
  • Improved server API performance.
    The server APIs in Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 can handle approximately three times more messages with a significantly lower CPU on the server.
  • Improved in-place upgrade experience
    The upgrade process from Live Communications Server 2005 to Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 is via an in-place upgrade that does not require the manual exporting and importing of existing databases as previously required with a Live Communications Server 2003 to Live Communications Server 2005 migration.

And .. …Support Microsoft Office Communicator 2005.

The good thing:
The Live Communications Server (LVC) 2005 Public IM Connectivity realises the link between internal LVS networks and external IM networks like MSN, Yahoo and AOL.
With this upgrade you can do so, but WITH encryption of data and the ability for administrators to log and archive the transactions.

The Bad thing:
"Live Communications Server 2005 Public IM Connectivity is offered on a per-user, per-month subscription price. This service is an additional cost to the standard Live Communications Server Client Access License (CAL). The service license price will include access to all three public IM Internet service providers. Please visit the How To Buy page for more information. "
It looks like it’s only available for Microsoft Volume License customers  (?)

And the Pricing….
"On average, depending on Volume Licensing discounts, the price for Public IM Connectivity will be approximately $13-16 per-user/per-year. Please note: there is no single or two public IM service provider license available and the termination of public IM service licenses must co-terminate with the customer’s Select or Enterprise agreement"

I will post new findings here..

The Service Pack 1 upgrade for existing Live Communications Server 2005 users is now available here.

A 120-day trial software version which contains Live Communications Server 2005 integrated with Service Pack 1 is available here.

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Office Communicator 2005 RC

Wow, it’s wasn’t so clear from the announcement. But there is also a new RC version of the Office Communicator 2005 Client. Great..

Something i missed last week was the announement that there will be a Windows Mobile version of the Live Communicator 2005 Mobile client. Nice

We will have to wait for that…
With beta availability expected in the second half of 2005, the Windows Mobile client will be a premier mobile solution combining the integrated benefits of Windows Mobile and Live Communications Server 2005 and the look and feel of the recently announced Microsoft Office Communicator 2005.!

I guess they will only support the Windows Mobile 2005 platform, so that they can bring business users to buy new devices like the Suberb MDA iV 

I don’t mind… Since this device supports UMTS you will have great possibilities for Video conferencing..  The future is looking better 😉


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