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Microsoft brings me to Las Vegas, again!

In 7 days Microsoft is bringing me to Las Vegas for the third time.  From 1 to 6 March around 10.000 people will be visiting The Venetian for the Microsoft SharePoint 2014 Conference.  Basically this means 5 days of technical sessions, drinks, conversations, meet-ups, more drinks, debates, American food, Q&A’s and Parties.

Some people might know I have been a SharePoint evangelist since the day I got my hands on the SharePoint 2001 beta. Although SharePoint 2001 had some serious limitations, it still was a much better solution compared to the tools I had been using in the previous years (combining Microsoft Site Server 3.0  with Outlook Web Access 5.5 :).

My first Microsoft SharePoint Conference was in 2002 with about 100 people in a Hotel at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). It was an one day conference and if I remember correctly, Mike Fitzmaurice and a marketing guy were the only speakers.

My second SharePoint conference was the ‘European SharePoint 2003 Conference’ organized by Microsoft in Amsterdam. If my brain functions properly it must have been a two day conference, and after a keynote it had 2 or 3 parallel tracks, Mike Fitzmaurice did most of the important sessions and the event was visited by 200-300 people.

With SharePoint 2003 (and WSS 3.0) the product really started the make waves. The product got picked-up by many IT professionals since Windows SharePoint Services 3.0  was an easy (and free) add-on to Windows Server 2003 that provided some useful collaboration tools.
Microsoft’s last and biggest European SharePoint conference was held in February 2007 (with the introduction of SharePoint 2007). The conference took 3 days and it had more than 50 sessions.  The conference must have had around 2000 visitors. A lot of people I knew from the Dutch ‘SharePoint Scene’ were there and we had loads of fun during the evenings. But this was probably the first conference were I also made a lot of international friends. Here are some photo’s of the conference which I found on the net.  During this conference I fully realised how big SharePoint had become…

When SharePoint (and Office) 2010 beta was about to launch, The only official Microsoft Conference was held in Las Vegas. The day I heard about the conference, I knew I had to be there. I’m not going to write much about the 8 days I had in Vegas (October 2009), but I can tell you it was a week I will never forget! For now, there’s only one picture I like to share and here are many more from other people if you’re interested.

I can be very short about the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 (which was in Los Angeles). I had a ticket, a hotel and there was a seat in the airplane, but I wasn’t there….  My wife was almost 8 months pregnant, and the day before I was planning to leave she had ‘false labour’ pains. You can images stepping into a plane didn’t feel right, so I missed that one….

Then there was the SharePoint Conference in 2012…. again this was truly epic! I went together with a good friend and again (just like SPC09) I could write a book about all the things that happened that week. Here are some random pícture from Flickr (somehow Christian Buckley seems to on all Flickr photos).

In between the Microsoft conferences I also visited most of the ‘SharePoint Connections’ conferences in Amsterdam, organised by the good folks of NC Communications. These are  2 days conferences to get some solid knowledge and meet-up with Dutch and European friends. In 2012 (a week after SPC12) I did a session on ‘How to create SharePoint 2013 Killer Apps’ during this conference.

So, that history….

While writing this blog another day has ended, and in just 6 days I will be flying to Las Vegas for the third time. I have always loved speaking with other “collaboration and productivity software” enthusiasts and one of the best places in the world for sharing knowledge and experiences is during a Microsoft SharePoint Conference!

I hope to see you there!




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Will your internet content survive?

Today when I felt like writing a blog post, I realised it has been almost 10 years since I wrote my first Blog post on this blog. This blog was originally created on Microsoft’s MSN Spaces in 2004 and when Microsoft killed the service In 2010, I moved it to this free WordPress service.

Until last year I used to have another blog which was hosted by the Dutch Internet provider XS4all,  running on ‘experimental server’ for 9 years. Sadly they took it down and the only way you can read it now is by using a service like ‘the way back machine’.

So it seems not many blogging platforms are here forever, Which makes me wonder how long WordPress will continue to provide their free blogging platform. I’m pretty sure WordPress must be one of the most reliable picks if you needed to choose a blogging platform, right? But since this blog is called ‘Visions of the Future’ I feel the pressure to do a prediction for the future. Wouldn’t it be nice if people (family, researchers) could read my blog post 10, 20, 50 or even 100+ years from now?

I expect WordPress will still exist 10 years from now (in 2024), but I’m less certain about 2034 and don’t have much faith in 2064. Will the WordPress organisation still exist in 100 years? My prediction is that it won’t. The good news is that I’m pretty sure most data on the internet will continue to exist.

I’m not sure if it will be on the ‘Way back Machine’ or a Google caching service (Google might be bankrupt after the war of the machines) but I’m certain there will be enough services within 10 years which will be capable of capturing almost all valuable knowledge (text and images) on the internet. Eventually all this data will be converted into an ‘uber worldwide semantic database’ which some day will be capable in reproducing all the knowledge which was ever published online…


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