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Some great update on MSN Space since yesterday (thanks to for the summary)

  • No more /members
  • New contact search
  • Photo Comments
  • Option to allow comments on Blogs and Photos
  • Learn panel
  • Choose where the publish date of your blog entries will appear (footer or header)
  • Customize who can view your Space by contact
  • 3 email publishing addresses rather than just 1
  • Communication preferences so you can control who can send you invitations and requests for access to your space and your profile
  • Categorized themes
  • New Xbox Live GameCard and Recent Games modules
  • Revamped profile with Live Contacts
  • Rich text comments


More new features:

  • MSN Spaces Mobile w/ search offical at
  • Advertising option
  • Book list with
  • You can upload 500 photos per month now with out limits
  • Better URLS… add /blog or /photos to the address to get to that part of their space

More information at Mike’s Space The Space Craft , and


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