For some reason I can easily forget about blogging. It’s doesn’t play a role in my standard week. When I stop working and come home I relax for an half hour and I eat something. Most of the time I watch the 8 O’clock news and then I leave to my ‘working room’. When I’m behind my computer I always have a list of things that had to be done yesterday. So I do these for an hour. Now its 21:30 and I will check some RSS feeds and do some reading. This can take a long time, depending on the things that are published on the net. Some months ago I easily spend 2 hours a day reading feeds, now I try to stop after 30 minutes.. 😉

So, it’s 22:00..  now it could:
A) Spend some time with my girlfriend
B) Relax and watch a movie
C) Do some more work
D) Go to bed early, to get some sleep that I really need
E) Call a friend / Family
F) Work on one of my hobby projects
G) Play a game of Battlefield 2
H) Sit back and think about the future
I) ….
J) Do some Internet browsing
K) Read my E-mail
L) Make some hot chocolate and have a good conversation with the mirror
M) Do some muscle training
N) Pick one of the 20 books I still want to read
O) Go outside and have a walk
P)  Go out and have a drink with a frend
Q) Organize a party
R)  Read some whitepapers that I printed
S)  Start a nice topic on a online Forum
T) Clean up my hard drives and make some backups
U) Do some chatting on MSN
V) Work on my Company’s Knowledgebase and Portal
W) Start up a Virtual PC and do some beta testing
X) Start up OneNote and write down some new business ideas
Y) Visit the neighbours
Z) Prepare some work for tomorrow
Hmm, I wrote this list in 2 minutes and I can think of a lot of other thing that I could do…
This is probably why it don’t Blog every day…

When I would take more breaks during the day and blog ten…there is a change. But for me it’s pretty hard to take a break. I start something, and I dig myself in, until it’s finished…

So.  Can you expect me to do more blogging?
I don’t know, the future will tell…


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