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One Billion Internet Users!


Yesterday Jakob Nielsen (a known internet usability expert) wrote that in 2005 the milestone of 1 billion internet users has been passed. On his blog he writes:

The Internet is growing at an annualized rate of 18% and now has one billion users. A second billion users will follow in the next ten years, bringing a dramatic change in worldwide usability needs. 

According to Morgan Stanley estimates, 36% of Internet users are now in Asia and 24% are in Europe. Only 23% of users are in North America, where it all started in 1969 when two computers — one in Los Angeles, the other in Palo Alto — were networked together.

It took 36 years for the Internet to get its first billion users. The second billion will probably be added by 2015; most of these new users will be in Asia. The third billion will be harder, and might not be reached until 2040.


Ok, he guesses that the 2 billion border will be crossed in 2015. Well when I look at the fast adoption of the internet in Asia, i guess 2012 could be possible. And if the plans for the 100 dollar PC’s wil be realised, then I predict that 2,5 billion can be online in 2020.

The other 3,5 billion will be hard to reach under current conditions. For this we need a lot more investments  in  the poor countries. And these countries need food and a basic economy, before the will start thinking about global communications.  

But, the internet can be of great value to developing countries. Recently I joined an organisation called Health Connections International. This organisation has the goal to build a portal to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between non-English speaking health professionals and English speaking HIV/AIDS, TB and demand and harm reduction specialists across the globe. 

Initiatives like this will help the people in countries to fight the problems in there region and will result in more global exchange of knowledge. The success of sharing knowledge is in the numbers. A knowledge base used by two people is not really valuable. A knowledge base accessible to 2,5 billion users is extremely powerful. On my other blog I’m writing about technologies to build these solutions (internet application that can support a billion users). For this we need a some very good de centralized internet software components and good scaling standards…

I truly believe that in the near future (in the next 10 years) the 2 billion users will have a better live because of the services that can be provided over the internet…



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For some reason I can easily forget about blogging. It’s doesn’t play a role in my standard week. When I stop working and come home I relax for an half hour and I eat something. Most of the time I watch the 8 O’clock news and then I leave to my ‘working room’. When I’m behind my computer I always have a list of things that had to be done yesterday. So I do these for an hour. Now its 21:30 and I will check some RSS feeds and do some reading. This can take a long time, depending on the things that are published on the net. Some months ago I easily spend 2 hours a day reading feeds, now I try to stop after 30 minutes.. 😉

So, it’s 22:00..  now it could:
A) Spend some time with my girlfriend
B) Relax and watch a movie
C) Do some more work
D) Go to bed early, to get some sleep that I really need
E) Call a friend / Family
F) Work on one of my hobby projects
G) Play a game of Battlefield 2
H) Sit back and think about the future
I) ….
J) Do some Internet browsing
K) Read my E-mail
L) Make some hot chocolate and have a good conversation with the mirror
M) Do some muscle training
N) Pick one of the 20 books I still want to read
O) Go outside and have a walk
P)  Go out and have a drink with a frend
Q) Organize a party
R)  Read some whitepapers that I printed
S)  Start a nice topic on a online Forum
T) Clean up my hard drives and make some backups
U) Do some chatting on MSN
V) Work on my Company’s Knowledgebase and Portal
W) Start up a Virtual PC and do some beta testing
X) Start up OneNote and write down some new business ideas
Y) Visit the neighbours
Z) Prepare some work for tomorrow
Hmm, I wrote this list in 2 minutes and I can think of a lot of other thing that I could do…
This is probably why it don’t Blog every day…

When I would take more breaks during the day and blog ten…there is a change. But for me it’s pretty hard to take a break. I start something, and I dig myself in, until it’s finished…

So.  Can you expect me to do more blogging?
I don’t know, the future will tell…


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