Microsoft Technology News from PDC05

I just finished watching the 3,5 hour live Keynote from the Microsoft Professional  Developers Conference (PDC05).
There where so many great things, that I filled five pages of
notes on new technology that was shown. I just feel absolutely
trilled with new cool ideas and visions.

I will post some of the coolest things I noticed:


Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E)

This is a subset of the Windows Presentation Foundation (codename
Avalon) that can be run on many platforms like: PC’s, Tablet PC’s,
Media Centers, Pocket PC’s and Mobile Phones.

It handles automatics scaling of the user interface base on the type
of device and support all kinds of input devices like Media Center
Remote controls, keyboard and phone pads.
Today a video was released by Channel9.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF or codename Indigo)

It was already know that Indigo would bring a easy solution to build
and host webservices on the Windows Vista platform. But today Microsoft
announce it would also do REST/PCIX,
MSMQ and Peer-to-Peer!


This is A new Client framework development tool that  consist of two parts:

– It’s a rich clientside javascript library (for Visual Studio)
– And Server side controls based on ASP.Net

And it can be used by developers to quickly and easily build AJAX (DHTML/Javascript/XML) based,  browser independent interactive web applications.

the new WinFS (Windows next File System) according to Bill Gates it
will be possible to realise a ‘schematic server and client storage’.
Bill Gates talked about a ‘extend and rich way to hyper linking data’.


This is the ‘Language INtegrated Query(LINQ)
the query language that can be use to query all kinds of datasources
like databases, file stores and XML files.  You can do some very
cool thing with it like doe a ‘SQL JOIN’ on a database and the file
system with just a couple lines of code.  Here is a video from Channel9.

Office 12
And there is much cool news on Office 12. Too much for me to write down at the moment.
Just check this great Channel9 video!


More cool stuff can be found on:  (the Windows Widgets) (the way to buy and download software in the near future) 


There is much, but since a lot of people will wite about it in the next couple of days, seach here for what you like:


Have fun! 


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