Will new media bring new habits?

I’m back, after a month of  ‘silence’.

I tried to limit my time on ‘the Net’ for the last 4 weeks. During my holiday to the French Alpes (photo’s here) I had a good two weeks without an internet connection. The other weeks I have been working, but I didn’t use any RSS readers or blogging tools.

During my vacation I realised that reading and writing blogs didn’t always have a positive effect on me. Sometimes this resulted in a form of stress.  The main reason for this, is that I just find too many topics interesting and I just can’t read everything I want…. Mostly because the limitation of time.

 I also admitted to myself that I’m an information junky. Reading a lot of RSS feeds, can result in an information overdose.  

After i got this insight, I’m thinking about new ways to fit my ‘internet information consumption’ habits in my life. I’m thinking about only reading blogs on specific times of the day and to limit the information that I read about. I only should subscribe to feeds that bring information that are in line with my primary interests or information that brings joy or new insights.

I’m also looking at new ways to consume my ‘daily dose’ of RSS feeds. I really like Microsoft’s start.com at the moment. It delivers my a nice ‘chunk size’ dose of information. This is an amount that I can handle… I now only open my Sharpreader once a day. And I never spend more that a half hour on reading new feeds..

New media bring new habits… and they will require new disciplines…



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