Feedbrokers Hits


Have we got any idea of what the amount of hits on Feedbrokers (like NewsGator, Bloglines, PubSub, IceRocket, Feedster, and Technorati;) really mean? Robert Scoble started comparing ‘ link hits’ on this earlier this month.


Does a high ‘hit count’ on a keyword really is related to how hot a particular subject is?

Well at ZDNet they wrote this article titled ‘Setting Scoble’s record on Technorati straight ‘. It’s about the troubles with ‘doubles’ in the ‘Feed Search Results’ from Technorati and Bloglines. Thins is a real interesting story!


But say that in the near future these numbers are going to be 99% correct, the amount of results on links that have been found are no exact science about how many people are linking or reading these feeds, right?
We need a read count, a human rating and other thing like that..
Or am i missing something here?


I once published 16 feeds on Bloglines, but I haven’t edited this list in 8 months or so, and I have only looked at then a couple of times. One of those feeds could have a post on a specific keywords or phrase, but maybe nobody is reading this feed.


What does it mean when in one of your OPML lists (at a feedbroker), there is a post using a specific keyword or phrase? This OPML list could be a snapshot from a list you published a year ago!  This is an old snapshot of what you did read a year ago…. Maybe you changed to another aggregator and deleted half of your feeds and maybe you added another 50….   


How are we going to measure the ‘freshness’ of a published OPML list?Is there a date field in OPML for this purpose? Does it hold the publication date of a OPML file? I won’t be surprised if there is such a thing…



But what does this mean for the result of those feedbrokers?

Probably I’m forgetting something here, but….
Shouldn’t we have a categorisation of the results based on the amount of people who added the feed that has the result? And shouldn’t we categorize this by how long ago this OPML list was updated? Or even better.. How many people opened a particular post related to your search…


If this information is not added by all the feed brokers, we will never have a good feeling about ‘how hot’ a particular subject is…


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