A Bright Future?!

When I think about the future, I’m always thinking about the ‘good things’ to come…
But for the last year, three topic just couldn’t fully escape my attention.

Radio frequencies and Magnetic fields
There are a lot of reports on the possible negative effect of GSM/FM/WIFI/GPRS/UMTS to people. Most reports focus on the possible damaging effect of radio frequencies to cells in your body (there are 100.000 billion). A friend of mine let me in on an new view on this. It could be that the radio frequencies don’t damage our cells, but what about the communication between these cells?
At the moment we don’t know. We are not abele to really research the consequences of people living in a word surrounded by electromagnetic fields and broadcasts from millions of radio frequencies.

Global Flu
There are scientists who say that there is a 30 year cycle for ‘global flu’. This flu is so tough that it could kill millions of people. The last cycle was 40 years ago (the spanisch flu
At the moment there are children that are raised so clean, that they don’t evolve the natural resistance to bacteria. 
What has our understanding to the benefits of hygiene done to this 30 year cycle?
Did we cracked the puzzle or is there more?

The fact that people with different opinions and beliefs don’t like each other
News flashes of people who kill lots of other people to proof that they commit to there belief isn’t a good thing. There is something like a ‘common understanding’ that there are people who think different then you do, because they experienced other things in there lives. This is basic physiology, right?
How can this be a bad thing to a god? This happens totally random! Is this a war between gods?
Gods don’t battle right? They just sit together on clouds….and relax..and stuff..
I guess people are making bad assumptions about there gods..
People should focus on today and make there decisions for tomorrow.
Not based on what could happen when you die..


A promise..
This are the three ‘less positive’ topics that crossed my mind this year.
I promise that I will not think (and blog) about negative visions of the future for another year.
This is because there is a emotion that we don’t need on this planet, and that’s ‘fear’…
The future should always be seen as a brighter future, no matter what happens….

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