I launched a new site last night.
It’s called GridThinking and can be found at

Basically this site is about a idea that i had for the last 8 months.
On 8 November 2004 I listened to the Trade secrets Podacst from Dave Winer and Adam Curry on my way home. This was the monday after Bloggercon 3 and the podcast was a reflection from Dave and Adom on Bloggercon.

During the podcast I realised there isn’t a good way of combining an ONLINE and a OFFLINE event. And there are no good tools to logically collect all the ideas and feedback that would take place at the event (where a speaker and an audience sits) and from all the people in the world who are participating online.

This site is also about new ways to connect, sort and group weblog posts (publications).
The idea is based on a combination of desktop software, social ‘tagging and rating’ and software algorithms (Datamining/business intelligence) for doing the tagging and rating automatically based on all kinds of related data and information about the person or organisation who did the publication.

  1. #1 by Unknown on 12 July 2005 - 09:32

    I suppose you meant the soundbit in the Trade Secret podcast that starts at 1:15:18?

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