Microsoft Teched 2005 most interesting news


This are the things i found most interesting at Teched 2005

  • SQL Server 2005 has become a far more powerful product that in already was.
  • SQL Server 2005 in combination with Sharepoint Services, Office Scorecard Server (codename: Maestro) is really gone make Business Intelligence available for the masses.
  • BizTalks Server 2006 is going to tot transactions, what SQL Server is for Relational databases.
    A really powerfull product for managing proceses, and busines to business transactions.
  • The integration between SQL Server, BizTalk and Visual studio 2005 is very, very good.
    This is more and more the ultimate programming environment that developers are dreaming about.
  • Windows Server 2003, the Compute Cluster Edition looks to be a pretty cool product.
    It lets you you do ‘grid computing’ (share server resources) with your Windows servers. has some goods info and screenshots of the beta product.

There where no real spectacular new product announcements, but a lot of great improvements on existing products…I’m off to the teched party now.  I will upload some videos to Google video later this week, so you can get an impressions of the event.

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