New version of EPIC.

You Remember EPIC 2014??  "The new york times has gone offline…":)
(Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson’s vision of the way the media landscape could look in the future)
(You don’t know what i’m talking about? Then you have to see this!)
Anywayis this is the latest Version!!!
This is such a interesting view on the futurel!!
Some got ideas, some strange way of combining things..
(what about GoogleSoft?  (Combined Forces;)
  1. #1 by Jemimus on 29 June 2005 - 12:30

    Dont think its very fresh. They still have Google buying Tivo in 2004, which you can no longer mention if you want to maintain that \’suspension of disbelief\’. Also, I see no mention of RSS and Podcasting, while I think they are part of this \’history\’ . How about p2p? In the land of increasing media, would it not makes sense that a system like Google Grid or Epic used some kinda of Bittorrent-like technology for massive distribution? How about wireless? The fact that within the next 10 years wireless internet is going to purmeate all our lives is significant to this story also.

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