New Google Services


Wow, what a great week this is for the web this is!
Last weekend was Gnomedex 5, loaded with interesting view on tagging and using ‘subscription’on the web (2.0).  And don’t forget the publication of Microsoft’s plans on RSS and Longhorn, I will write an article on this topics later…

But Google… Damn! They are on a roll again!

First the release of Google video..  (read more about this here)
(I found the video that I submitted in april..)

I saw that the Google Video viewer tool was ‘hacked’ yesterday…
Byt he one and only DVD Jon”,…

Some countries can’t use Google video yet…
Google Video is targeted to U.S. users for the time being, though people in most of the world can see it by visiting the website. For India, France, Germany, South Korea, and China, we are reviewing some legal issues before letting users in those countries play back videos.”

And then .. GOOGLE EARTH (know as Keyhole in the past).
This is a Windows application that has the functionality of Keyhole (a 3d earth), Google Maps and Google Local!  Get it here! Google Earth – Home  I have worked with Keyhole in the past… This is so extremly cool that this tool is free now!   Download this fast, and be amazed!

This is the official press release  
Look at these great places on earth!

And there is more!

Google Relaunches Personal Search ….
Read about it here.  This Time it’s real personal… 😉

Google stocks is hitting a new record…. over $300 !!!
Hmmm, how did that happen? 😉



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