The Dutch voted against the Europe constitution!

It’s official. The Dutch have voted against the Europe constitution.
This will probably be the end for the Europe constitution for now, since the French also voted against the constitution 3 days ago..

But this wasn’t a vote against Europe…
Do you want to know why the Dutch voted against the constitution?

  • The people in the Netherlands where not right informed about the consequences of the constitution, and where not able to make a clear distinction.
  • The people are not happy with way the government (and the way they are communication with the public) 
  • Much people feel like the Euro is reason of the inflation of the last 4 years and because the Netherlands pay a much higher contribution per citizen then other countries.
    Together this results in a (temporary) negative feeling towards the European Union, mostly realised by the media.
  • The Netherlands where one of the six (founding) country’s in the European Union and had a relatively big role in European politics. Today there are 25 countries in the European Union and with the new voting rules in the constitution, people are afraid we loose our ability to influence legislation. 
  • People feel like things are going to quickly (and they don’t know where all these chances are leading to)

So, the Dutch feel like Europeans and believe in Europe, but the average citizen didn’t know what to vote for. Most people voted against the constitution because they have a negative feeling towards the government (as a result of the relatively high unemployment and current economic situation) and because they think that everything has become more expensive because of the Euro (economics are sure this is not true).

I hope this will be the first and last post on this blog about politics. 😉
I just wanted to let the people who read this blog outside the Netherlands know, why the Dutch voted against the constitution.

I hope that this will not result in a big delay for Europe, because due to globalisation we really need to work together…

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