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New version of EPIC.

You Remember EPIC 2014??  "The new york times has gone offline…":)
(Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson’s vision of the way the media landscape could look in the future)
(You don’t know what i’m talking about? Then you have to see this!)
Anywayis this is the latest Version!!!
This is such a interesting view on the futurel!!
Some got ideas, some strange way of combining things..
(what about GoogleSoft?  (Combined Forces;)

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New Google Services


Wow, what a great week this is for the web this is!
Last weekend was Gnomedex 5, loaded with interesting view on tagging and using ‘subscription’on the web (2.0).  And don’t forget the publication of Microsoft’s plans on RSS and Longhorn, I will write an article on this topics later…

But Google… Damn! They are on a roll again!

First the release of Google video..  (read more about this here)
(I found the video that I submitted in april..)

I saw that the Google Video viewer tool was ‘hacked’ yesterday…
Byt he one and only DVD Jon”,…

Some countries can’t use Google video yet…
Google Video is targeted to U.S. users for the time being, though people in most of the world can see it by visiting the website. For India, France, Germany, South Korea, and China, we are reviewing some legal issues before letting users in those countries play back videos.”

And then .. GOOGLE EARTH (know as Keyhole in the past).
This is a Windows application that has the functionality of Keyhole (a 3d earth), Google Maps and Google Local!  Get it here! Google Earth – Home  I have worked with Keyhole in the past… This is so extremly cool that this tool is free now!   Download this fast, and be amazed!

This is the official press release  
Look at these great places on earth!

And there is more!

Google Relaunches Personal Search ….
Read about it here.  This Time it’s real personal… 😉

Google stocks is hitting a new record…. over $300 !!!
Hmmm, how did that happen? 😉



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Google Video viewer can be downloaded!

The rumours are true. The Google Video viewer can be download from

I found out that multible blogs are reporting the ‘go-live’ for today.

I predict millions will download this tool within the next weeks…
A new video revolution is ready to start..
People will upload there home made video’s and share them with the rest of the world..

On August 1st ‘Current TV’ will be be launched with the help of Google (‘Google Current’).

After today, Video on the web will never be the same again….


I found out that multible blogs are reporting the ‘go-live’ for today.

John Battelle’s Searchblog, writes:


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Google Video LAUNCH today?!!?

This is a nice story! Mabye Google Video will go online today…

Last friday (24 /6) a dutch guy call Arjan Dasselaar got a RSS item in his RSS reader, called : ‘Google Video… Now with… video’, with the dat: 27 juni 2005, 16.07 PM.

This is the Item he got:

Posted by Matthew Vosburgh, Google Video Software Engineer

A couple of months ago we launched a video uploader so you could add your own videos to Google Video. Well, now we’re ready to start displaying all that stuff.

I’ve been amazed by your cool videos. I had never seen a robot dog harassing an iguana before, or a monkey doing karate, and I had no idea you were such good dancers.

The clips play right in the page using the brand new Google Video Viewer: a free browser plugin for Windows made by our engineer Aaron Lee using code from the open-source Videolan project. It works great in both Firefox and IE, and we’ve designed it not to fight with any other video plugins you might have. We’re releasing the Windows version first, with Mac (soon) and Linux (later) versions following, the same way we released the Google Video Uploader.

A feature we’re especially pleased with is the ability to search inside a video. Try looking for "sergey brin" and you’ll see what I mean.

So have fun watching, or shooting – and keep sending in your videos! 

It looks like Matthew Vosburgh (a Google Video Software Engineer) from the Google Blog made a mistake.. But it could also be a hoax….

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A mail from Google Upload!

Today i got the following mail from Google Upload.
This is exactly 2 months since i added my first movie to the Google upload program.
I don’t know if this is a coincidence.. I don’t think it is… Since 14 april was also the release date of Google Upload, it could pretty much be a date on a launching calendar.

The good thing is, they probably entered a next phase.

I hope they open up for everybody, so that I can have a good repository for my video’s and videoblogs..



We’d like to remind you that in our continued effort to respect the
rights of copyright holders and content providers, Google is only
accepting video uploads from persons who hold all necessary
rights to the uploaded material.

Both U.S. copyright law and the Google Video Terms of Service
prohibit distributing copyrighted works, unless you have the legal
right to do so. If you’re not sure whether you have the right to use
any of the content you submitted to Google Video, including any
music in the video, you can remove your uploaded video to the
product by following these instructions:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Check the box next to the file name you wish to delete.
3. Click on the "Delete Videos" button at the bottom of the table.
4. Click "Delete Videos" to confirm the deletion request.

Thank you for participating in the Google Video Upload program. For
more information about intellectual property rights and the program,
please visit


The Google Video Team

I just found this article on ZDNet which was released yesterday, saying:
       Sources said the new video search engine will be unveiled within the next two months.

Oh no, not again two months!
Hmmm, it will probably be the 14th of Augustus then…


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Other Priorities

It has been 12 days since my last item.

The reason main reason why i didn’t post any new items was i got a bit ‘overworked’.
I had a deadline for a project and i needed all my focus on this.
The rest of the time it took some rest to charge the main batteries.

The project is finished now, so from today i will try to fill this space again, from time to time with thoughts on new technologies and a possible future.. 

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The Dutch voted against the Europe constitution!

It’s official. The Dutch have voted against the Europe constitution.
This will probably be the end for the Europe constitution for now, since the French also voted against the constitution 3 days ago..

But this wasn’t a vote against Europe…
Do you want to know why the Dutch voted against the constitution?

  • The people in the Netherlands where not right informed about the consequences of the constitution, and where not able to make a clear distinction.
  • The people are not happy with way the government (and the way they are communication with the public) 
  • Much people feel like the Euro is reason of the inflation of the last 4 years and because the Netherlands pay a much higher contribution per citizen then other countries.
    Together this results in a (temporary) negative feeling towards the European Union, mostly realised by the media.
  • The Netherlands where one of the six (founding) country’s in the European Union and had a relatively big role in European politics. Today there are 25 countries in the European Union and with the new voting rules in the constitution, people are afraid we loose our ability to influence legislation. 
  • People feel like things are going to quickly (and they don’t know where all these chances are leading to)

So, the Dutch feel like Europeans and believe in Europe, but the average citizen didn’t know what to vote for. Most people voted against the constitution because they have a negative feeling towards the government (as a result of the relatively high unemployment and current economic situation) and because they think that everything has become more expensive because of the Euro (economics are sure this is not true).

I hope this will be the first and last post on this blog about politics. 😉
I just wanted to let the people who read this blog outside the Netherlands know, why the Dutch voted against the constitution.

I hope that this will not result in a big delay for Europe, because due to globalisation we really need to work together…

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