Xbox 360 and MSN Spaces

This will be great!

Tony Gentile wrote down a great vision for the Xbox 360!

It’s not hard to imagine XBOX 360 flowing a gamer’s "verified" high scores, feats, wins, etc to their MSN Spaces ‘blog’. Think Google Video, then think 3 minute snipets from a duel or frag fest (along with the necessary "I rOxOred u" smack talk) published to Spaces; the only thing better than winning is showing off your moves to the entire world in perpituity, no?

As InsideMicrosoft writes: "Halo 2 outputs your stats as XML" So streaming real-time stats on your Space will be absolutly no problem. I also think that the combination of blogging, gaming, presence, IM and sharing photo’s/video’s will be a great feature!

But what about real-time video? You can easily stream real-time video to the MSN server, and from there you can create a world wide arena, for watching a game all over the world!
How long will it take before more people will watch the Virtual Olympic (frag) Games than the normal Olympics?  
I’m curious if there is going to be a MMOFPS (Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter) for the Xbox 360 in the near future. I’m guessing that the CPU with 3 die’s, the video chipset and a large MSN server could realize a nationwide action game where thousand of people could play together….   Wow.. Future gaming looks very cool!

And more good news  about the Xbox 360 this week.
It will probably already be launched in November and it will probably cost only $300! 
I told my girlfriend I was prepared to pay $500 🙂

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