The future of IM and Presence according to Bill Gates

So much interesting has happen last week, but so little time to read about it or blogging about it! I try to post the most interesting this that happend this week the topic of messaging and Presence..

This week there was teh CEO summit at the Microsoft headquarters..

The future drawn yesterday by Bill Gates looks interesting…..

This is what he says about Integrated Communication
"Unified communication: Integrated communication will provide a single "point of entry" to the networked world that is consistent across applications and devices. People should have a unified, complete view of their communication options, whether by voice or text, real-time or offline, with ready access to tools like speech-to-text and machine translation. You should be able to listen to your email, or read your voicemail. Project notifications, meetings, business applications, contacts and schedules should be accessible within a single consistent view, whether you’re at your desk, down the hall, on the road or working at home."

And then.. Presence..
"Presence: We’re just beginning to tap the potential of presence information to help information and notifications flow where they’re needed and better enable ad-hoc collaboration to solve problems and get things done. Presence information connects people and their schedules to documents and workflow, keeping you close to the changing data and expert insight that is relevant to what you’re doing."

That alls sounds pretty obvious to me.
Can’t wait for it to become reality!

You can see the video of this presentation here.

100 Kbps  |  300 Kbps

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