Waiting for Google Video

I don’t know why my video isn’t approved by Google,

I added two video’s I recorded on https://upload.video.google.com/ 7 days ago, but nothing happened ever since..

If found this post from Larry D Larsen. He got the same ideas i had, and also thought about about the things that Google Video will make possible.
It would be great to capture a video of an event on your Pocket PC, Video camera or phone and directly upload it to Google video and make it available on your blog/podcast/vlog at the same time. This way, event over the world will be available true video without a propaganda layer added by current media..

I’ve done this test here before with posting video. I recorded a video and uploaded it to my server from my PDA. Then I send an e-mail to this space, that had a link to the video file.By using the Feedburner SmartCast™ Feed, it can be downloaded automatically for podcasting / vlogging / video casting.. This worked great.

When google will realise a way that I can simply upload a video to my blog, they will have a great service! I’m curious what’s there next step will be and what the plans are for an open Video upload  API.  Because when they do this, you can subscribe to your favourite video posters, and relax behind you TV or PC and see only the uncutted reality of the world….… J

But first the Google guys have to approve my video’s..
I wanne see this in action..

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