The ‘fast’ SD Card didn’t solve the movie recording problem.

The 86 Euros i spend yesterday on the ‘fast’ SD Flash card, didn’t solve my problem with making movies on my MDA Compact. When i record a movie on my MDA (240×320 Motion-JPEG AVI) directly to the SD Card, i get the a strange difference in timing between the left and right side of the screen.

Because i wanted to know how this could happen i done some tests..
I found out that when you do a recording to the Main memory of the MDA Compact, there is no problem!  But this sucks, because the internal memory is only 64MB (i got 14 MB free after installing WIndows Mobile and basis apps that can’t be installed on the SD Card).

Last night i recorded 2 short movies… See the difference..

Recorded on Main Memory
Recorded on SD Card

How can 6MB per second not be enought for writing a 140×310 video?
Is the manufacturer of the SD card lying or am i missing something else?

Suggestions appriciated!

  1. #1 by diaan on 18 April 2005 - 03:08

    hee leuk dat je ff op mijn site ben geweest…..ehhhm jij heb ook wel een mooie site ..hahaha beetje ingewikkeld…. maar wel leuk!!! groetjes ..dyane

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