MSN messenger 7 vs Office Communicator 2005

That last couple of weeks i have been using the beta of Office Communicator 2005. It’s a pretty good piece of software, what probably will change the way people communicate in business environments.

This are the things I like most:

  • Good quality one-to-one video conferencing
  • Good quality audio conferencing with multiple people
  • Integration with the exchange  address book. That’s because Office Communicator 2005 is linked with Microsoft Outlook scheduling information.
  • Office Communicator 2005 allows you to share programs with up to 31 other people on your computer during an IM conference.

More info on the program can be found here or watch the presentation of Communicator and Live Communication Server with Bill Gates here:

MSN Messenger 7
The new MSN Messenger 7 has the same Full Screen video option that Communicator 2005 has, this is great.
MSN Messenger has improved audio quality for voice conversation, but only supports one-to-one audio conversations, to bad.

But!! MSN Messenger has all this cool Winks and WeeMee’s!
Yesterday I found that a WeeMee can replace your static image couple to your Messenger account.

At the moment you can only buy these WeeMee’s. I got this animated rapper.. Real funny.
The nice this is that you can change  the way he moves.  Standard he is just hopping around. But you can let him laugh, cry, jump or get angry. Fun stuff!

The final thing I like about MSN Messenger 7 is that you can show what music you got playing on you media player (or i-tunes). I don’t know exactly why, but I really like this feature.
And….  Yes, the integration with MSN Spaces are improved, which really makes me happy.
Posting a new weblog item or photo is just 2 click aways… Great Work.

Sooo, Which one do I like most…?
I don’t this choosing is an option here.
You simply don’t what to use MSN Messenger 7 in an office environment..
I can picture the funny things that could happen..
Your boss seeing that you are playing funny (sex) clips with on you Media player during office times. And sending Winks to your secretary could be seen as a form of sexual harassment,  soon No option!

On the other hand. Giving access to you Outlook agenda true Communicator could be harmful to the relationship with some friends or family. Like when they find out you where not ‘studing all day’, but having a boat trip on the day of the birthday of a incredibly irritating family member… hmmmm

I think you get the message..

MSN Messenger is perfect for Social Communication and Communicator 2005 is good for business communication. But, there is actually one reason why you could prefer Communicator over MSN Messenger….. There is no in there advertising..


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