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Koninginnedag 30th April 2005 Amsterdam – Video Impressions!

I made some video’s today at koniginnedag (Queensday) in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
One big party, 400.000 people having good fun!

This one is funny.
Imagine. You are a tourist and staying at a Hotel in center of Amsterdam today.
The problem?  You didn’t know there was a big event called ‘queensday’ in Amsterdam.
Because no cars are allowed in the city during this event, you have to walk to your Hotel!

More short ‘moments of Queensday in Amsterdam’

Quick impression

Party on the water

Pay to watch tits

Hari Krisma!

Techno on Rembrantsplein

Walking the city
The Band KANE playing on the Museumplein

Jump Around!


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Koninginnenach 29th April 2005 – Video Impressions

Recovering from what we call ‘QueensNight’ (The night before Queensday).

This is every year in The Hague (The Netherlands)
It’s on April the 29th.

It was an energetic night.
Get some idea by this Video Impressions..

Recording from Queensnight 2005 – The Hague – Holland
The white building is the City Hall
The Band that’s playing is Di-rect

Short impression of the atmosphere
Just a 180 somewhere in the midde of the city

Walking the crowed
(dont get air sick from me filming:)

Do you read dutch or do wanne know what Queensnight is like?

Here do yo get some Photo’s from past..

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Big movement is the World of large software vendors

By the announcement of a closer corporation between Microsoft and SAP, SAP is keeping the pressure on Oracle.

This is resulting in a rumour that Oracle is planning to buy SIEBEL just a few months after the bidding war for PeopleSoft..

No doubt about it… 
At the end of this year the software market will probably be totally shaken…not stirred.  

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Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 has been released!!

Live Communication Server SP11 is out….

I got it installed on my server now and i’m doing the first tests .
The new cool things?

  • Public IM Connectivity
    Tools to enable Public IM Connectivity; the ability to add contacts, send instant messages, and share presence information with users of the three main public IM service providers MSN, AOL and Yahoo!.
  • Enhanced federation
    which uses DNS-SRV resolution to simplify connecting to federation partners.
  • New optional spim filters
    Better control of unsolicited instant messages. Two new filters to help protect your organization, and each enterprise-to-enterprise federated connection, from malicious attack or better control of unsolicited instant messages.
  • Support for multiple tree Active Directory forests.
  • Improved server API performance.
    The server APIs in Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 can handle approximately three times more messages with a significantly lower CPU on the server.
  • Improved in-place upgrade experience
    The upgrade process from Live Communications Server 2005 to Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 is via an in-place upgrade that does not require the manual exporting and importing of existing databases as previously required with a Live Communications Server 2003 to Live Communications Server 2005 migration.

And .. …Support Microsoft Office Communicator 2005.

The good thing:
The Live Communications Server (LVC) 2005 Public IM Connectivity realises the link between internal LVS networks and external IM networks like MSN, Yahoo and AOL.
With this upgrade you can do so, but WITH encryption of data and the ability for administrators to log and archive the transactions.

The Bad thing:
"Live Communications Server 2005 Public IM Connectivity is offered on a per-user, per-month subscription price. This service is an additional cost to the standard Live Communications Server Client Access License (CAL). The service license price will include access to all three public IM Internet service providers. Please visit the How To Buy page for more information. "
It looks like it’s only available for Microsoft Volume License customers  (?)

And the Pricing….
"On average, depending on Volume Licensing discounts, the price for Public IM Connectivity will be approximately $13-16 per-user/per-year. Please note: there is no single or two public IM service provider license available and the termination of public IM service licenses must co-terminate with the customer’s Select or Enterprise agreement"

I will post new findings here..

The Service Pack 1 upgrade for existing Live Communications Server 2005 users is now available here.

A 120-day trial software version which contains Live Communications Server 2005 integrated with Service Pack 1 is available here.

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7 Million Spaces!

Microsoft is quoted as saying there are now over 7 million blogs on MSN Spaces and that the service is currently growing at the extraordinary rate of 100,000 blogs per day.
This is far more that anybody expected!

And there are rumors that the next version of Microsoft FrontPage will include ‘blog related tools’ to edit your MSN Space. This sounds very logical. This would be the same like edditing your Microsoft Sharepoint page within FrontPage 2003… 

This could mean that Microsoft will soon be the biggist Blog service provicer in the world, followed by Google and Yahoo!…


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Visions of the Future – LED lighting!

Some weeks ago I remembered why I started this blog in the first place…
I wanted to share some of the visions I have on the near future.

Hmm. Since I forgot to do this, I promise that I will try to post one vision every week, for the coming months..

So, LET’S START. Here is my first vision…
I will start with a pretty sure thing…

”Within 10 years 50% of all house hold lighting will be based on LED technology.”

Well, what’s a LED?
Here is the answer on Wikipedia for those that don’t know yet..

So LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is a very effective form of light, since there is no heat generation. Because of this LED use very little energy to producer light…

The first led was made in 1962. That’s more than 43 years ago.  Probably they still work. LEDs have an extremely long life span, twice longer than the best fluorescent bulbs and twenty times longer than the best incandescent bulbs. 
My father build a digital clock 30 years ago using LEDs. This thing has been on for 30 years, and is still working…

Here some more advantages of using LEDs (copied from Wikipedia)
LEDs are capable of emitting lights of an intended color without the use of color filters that traditional lighting methods use.
The shape of the LED package allows light to be focused. Incandescent and fluorescent sources often require an external reflector to collect light and direct it in a useable manner.
LEDs are built inside solid cases that protect them, making them hard to break and extremely durable

In Holland all traffic lights that fail, are replaced using LEDs…
The amount of light that a LED can produce is still increasing.
In 2002 5-watt LEDs were available with efficiencies of 18-22 lumens per watt.
This year this will go to 10-watt units with efficiencies of 60 lumens per watt, what means it will give the same amount of light as a normal 50 Watt light bulb..

Ok. Like most visions. You have to test them..
So last month… I put the first LED lights in my house..

I got a blue Led bulb housing 30 blue LEDs in my studio…
And….!  I got a Led Bulb housing 30 White LEDs in my toilet
See the pictures for more details..

So.. I predict.. 10 years.. and everybody got this type of lights in his or her toilet, kitchen or bedroom…..  will see..

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Google Search History

Google has a new tool in Beta that remembers al the searches you do with Google. It can be used together with a Gmail, Google groups or Google Answers account.

The new service logs al the searches you do on Google (the service can be paused).
The advantage is that this works from any computer.. 

The real cool thing is that as you build a search history, the web application clusters the results from all related search queries. So with a couple of months you will build a full three of stuff that interests you… Nice! 

This could be the end of Bookmarks…..

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