using Office Communicator

I have been playing with Live Communication Server 2005 SP1 and the New Office Communicator for some days now… and there is some good news and some bad news..

You can’t do videoconferencing with multiple users, but you can do audio conferencing with multiple users.. so that’s a start..   Besides this, i really like the product. It still works intuitive and has all the options you need to realize your mobile team collaboration and Presence.

I can’t write to much about the products because most of the information is still under non-discloser during the beta program..  But since the release of the products will be within a month, I expect that features and information will be more widely spread in the coming weeks.

I can tell you one thing. The feature I most like is the option to do a videoconference with another user, and showing the video input in full screen. The means that the whole screen is filled with the video of the person on the other side, which gives it a far more realistic effect. When the other user has the webcam right in front of him, his head is almost ‘real size’, which makes the conversation far more personal..

I’m planning of making a video of this and putting it here (and publish on my podcast)

Soon more experiences …


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