New milestone for Presence!

 Microsoft today announced three really cool (updated) products.. 

  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 (previously code-named "Istanbul") is the new integrated communications application, and is the best client for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005. Communicator provides rich presence and unifies real-time communications modes — such as IM, voice, video and access to voiceconferencing and Web conferencing — into a single application. It also enables PC-to-phone integration.
  • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Service Pack is an update to Microsoft’s award-winning real-time communications platform. The service pack includes support for Communicator, enhanced "spim" (spam over IM) controls, and enterprise-grade connectivity from an LCS enterprise to the MSN®, AOL and Yahoo! public IM networks. Live Communications Server provides enterprise IM and an enterprise wide presence engine.
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005, a major update to Microsoft’s popular Web conferencing service, helps users conduct effective online meetings and collaborative sessions without having to be in the same place at the same time. Key enhancements include the industry’s first integrated conference call controls for leading audio conferencing service providers, the ability to have a Live Meeting session from Office applications, and availability in seven new language versions.

The Communicator 2005 is great because you now have a this ‘ÜBER’ Messenger that you can use for Corporate IM, VOIP, voice and video conferencing.

In combination with Live Communication Server 2005 you can route incoming calls based on your location, who is calling, status or other preferences! You can even connect public IM networks (MSN, AOL and Yahoo).

One thing I’m hoping is that this Communicator 2005 will make it possible to have many-to-many video conferences. (All previous version of Windows en MSN messenger only support one-to-one audio and/or video).

Well.. I can tell you this soon, Because also today (coincidence!) I’m accepted for the Beta program of the Communicator 2005.

This is the release schedule they have for Communicator 2005..

Beta2 version of Istanbul by the end of March, 2005?*  
Release Candidate (RC) version of Istanbul by the end of April, 2005?*

The latest Press Release states ‘within 90 days’ the is scheduled to be released to manufacturing will be here .

It looks like the Service pack for Live Communication Server 2005 will be downloadable around the same time (April)…

Live Meeting 2005 is planned for March 11..
I can’t wait to have this apps on my fingers. I already have Live Communication Server 2005 running on one of my virtual test servers. I will add the Communicator 2005 beta as soon as possible and i will post a report here as soon as I have some interesting results.

Check out the speech of Bill Gates and the presentation of these products!




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