No way stopping it …

Robert helped me today by doing a post on his Blog,
about me starting a Blog (and a Podcast)…

So, there’s no way back.. I’m going to spill my thought’s here.
The world has ‘yet another blogger’.

I read about the ‘MSN spaces’ on different media this week, and was surprised by some reactions on the news..  

Some people wrote:
"o no! Now that Microsoft goes into blogging everybody will start blogging, and that’s just what we need… more blogs…" 

Is  blogging a bad thing… ?
I think this is a good sign that blogging is far from being mature.
Not all people see "the good" that Blogging brings to the world, it isn’t "open and usable" enough..

And this is exactly what i like about the MSN Spaces …. 
It will bring a transparent, know and usable interface to something that wasn’t open for the standard internet user.
I’m not saying that the current Blogging tools aren’t user-friendly, but i think that MSN spaces will be ‘closer’ and more usable for "the average western citizen" …


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